Business Tips and Taxes for Writers

Tax Season 2020 Special!

Order Business Tips and Taxes for Writers  from this website (i.e. not through or other bookseller) and I, author Carol Topp, CPA, will share with you two recorded videos for free!

The two videos discuss:

  • Schedule C tax form line by line with a sample tax return from an author
  • Tax deductions for writers
  • Special tax rules for writers
  • Self Employment Tax
  • New tax law changes
  • Sales tax

The  videos are for writers who are earning  money from their writing or have expenses related to writing and wonder what they can deduct on their tax return. This is professional advice from a CPA and author.



No time to figure out the business and tax issues affecting writers? Business Tips and Taxes for Writers will help you understand hobby income, sales tax, legitimate tax deductions, simple and easy record keeping, and the best business structure for your writing business.

Business Tips and   Taxes for Writers
© 2018 by Carol Topp, CPA

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