Career Exploration book


High school students, are you uncertain about what to study in college or what career you might pursue?

You’re not alone. Many teenagers find themselves at a loss when choosing a college major or career.

Career Exploration for Homeschool High School Students can help (even if you’re not homeschooled!)

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This consumable workbook can be used by an individual or in a group or class setting.

Sample Pages (opens as pdf)

Table of Contents

 Chapter One: How Can You Know the Rest of Your Life  as a Teenager?

Chapter Two: It’s Only 4 Steps: The Career Exploration Process

Chapter Three: Who Am I? Individual Inventory of Your Talents and Interests

Chapter Four: You Can’t Fail These Tests: Personality Tests

Chapter Five: Career Clusters and Elimination Round

Chapter Six: Listing and Researching Possible Careers

Chapter Seven: Be in Someone’s Shadow: Interview and Shadowing

Chapter Eight: Creating a High School Plan

Chapter Nine: Preparing for College

Enjoy these podcasts by the author Carol Topp on the topic of career exploration for high school students.