Homeschooling and parenting topics

We’re Not Raising Children, We’re Raising Grown-Ups View handout
What does your teenager need to know before they become the grown up you want them to be? Carol Topp, homeschool mother, author, accountant, and mentor to teenagers will discuss topics rarely covered in a textbook, but used everyday in adult life such as: career choice, money management and living independently. She will share tips on how to impart important lessons in a natural way and share resources to help you raise a grown-up!

How to Teach Kids About Managing Money (When You’re Not Doing So Great Yourself) Resource List

So you don’t consider yourself a financial role model. Take heart, you can still teach your kids financial principles. This workshop offers tips on how to teach your kids the money basics as part of your busy lifestyle. We’ll also discuss what topics to teach at each age from preschoolers to college age.

Record Keeping, Transcripts and Plans for Homeschool High School Students View Handout here

Sample Transcript in spreadsheet

Do you have questions on how or what you need to do to home educate your children through high school? How do you keep track of credit hours? Transcripts: what’s required and what’s not? What are colleges looking for? If high school creeping up and you’re not sure if you can do it or just need some guidance, this workshop is helpful and encouraging.