Small Business Consultation

Small business are the backbone of the American economy. If you are a small or micro business owner, you should learn all you can about running your business and work with a competent CPA to advise you.

I semi-retired in June 2022 and no longer offer tax or business consultations.

Articles on record keeping in a micro business


My other websites may be helpful.

This site is for writers, authors, self-publishers, freelancers, etc. to understand the business side of writing and publishing.

Although it is focused mainly on teenagers, all small business owners may benefit for the articles and links I have posted there.

My Small Business Startup Guide

I share this 9 page guide with many of my clients that are interested in starting a business. Its short but sweet with information about basic record keeping, deductible expenses and even a sheet to summarize all their expenses at tax time!

Small Business Startup Guide

My Small Business Expense Form

Many small or micro businesses do their own record keeping and only need a CPA services to prepare their tax return.  This one page form is helpful for summarizing all small business expenses making tax preparation easier and less costly.

Small Business Expenses Form