What happens to tax refunds if the government shuts down?

From the National Association of Tax Professionals;

Important Information Regarding the Possible Government Shutdown and its Impact on IRS Services

The possibility of a government shutdown at midnight April 8 has forced the IRS to make contingency plans.  This is what we know at this time:
  • The April 18 filing deadline for Form 1040 returns remains in effect.
  • Tax payments will be processed as usual.
  • Returns filed on paper will not be processed until after the government resumes normal operations. This will delay refunds on paper filed returns.
  • E-filed returns will be processed as usual with no delay in refunds
  • Taxpayers who have an appointment scheduled with the IRS (audit, collections, appeals or Taxpayer Advocate cases) during the period of the shutdown should assume the appointment has been canceled. These appointments will be rescheduled when normal IRS operations resume.

Business as usual for CPAs and tax preparers!

Carol Topp, CPA