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Budget is a Dirty Word

When i did public speaking, one of my favorite workshops to present is called Budget is a Dirty Word: Money Management for Those Who Hate to Manage Money.

Workshop Handout

Teaching Kids How to Manage Money

I have taught over 50 high school students including my own two daughters how to successfully manage their money.  Here are some articles and resources to help you do the same


One of my favorite workshop presentations was titled  “How to Teach Your Kids About Managing Money (When You’re Not Doing So Great Yourself).” In it I encouraged parents what and how to teach their children to successfully manage money even with many bad examples around.

How to Teach Your Kids About Managing Money handout


Teaching Kids Financial Independence (online article) pdf file


  • Money Matters: Family Night Tool Chest by Jim Weidmann.
  • Money Matters for Teens (Age 11-14) Workbook by Larry Burkett
  • Money Matters for Teens (Age 15-18) Workbook by Larry Burkett
  • Crown Financial Ministries ( has excellent advice on biblical stewardship, budgeting, saving, resources for toddlers, kids and teenagers.
  • Dave Ramsey, author of Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace and others, hosts a daily call in radio show and tours the nation doing workshops. Financial Peace for the Next Generation is a 12-part video of Dave Ramsey teaching budgeting, investing, debt reduction and more to high school students.
  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) has a fantastic high school financial planing program. The six lessons cover goal setting, budgeting, savings and investing, insurance, debt, banking and career preparation. I’ve used NEFE materials in teaching personal finance class to high school students and find them extremely well done and free of charge!