I love webinars: Preshow by the Schoolhouse Expo

Last night I sat with my feet up, laptop on my lap and headphone logged in and attended the Old Schoolhouse Expo March Preshow program.

I “arrived” to the webinar a bit late and caught just the end of Terri Johnson talking about all the cool ways she uses her iPad in homeschooling.

But then I spent an enjoyable hour hearing how Malia Russell manages 5 children, 4 business and homeschooling! She’s my hero!

I had just met Mary Jo Tate in person last week at a homeschool convention, and so I really enjoyed hearing her story of raising and homeschool 4 sons as a single mom. Her focus on balance and goal setting was very inspiring.

All in all, it was such a nice way to spend the evening. The technology worked great. I could see the speakers’ PowerPoint slides and hear them clearly. I didn’t worry about background noise at my house because we were all muted. I could also follow the chat going on in a sidebar. It was a handy way for the host to post links and for participants to ask questions.

If you’ve never tried on on-line webinar, you’re in for a treat.

The Old Schoolhouse Expo will have another Preshow on April 12, 2011 and their full week long Expo May 16-20, 2012.

I’ll be doing a workshop on Micro Business for Teens. I have my Powerpoint slides all ready to go!

Join us by grabbing a ticket to the Expo here.

Carol Topp, CPA