Carol speaks to unemployed professionals

I’m a member of the Ohio Society of CPA’s Speakers Bureau and I recently spoke to a group of unemployed professionals at the Cincinnati Great Oaks Return to Work Center.

I talked about budgeting, debt, taxes, starting a business and whatever the audience wanted to discuss.

Here’s what came to me as feedback:

Hi Carol,

You are awesome!!!

Thanks you VERY much for your help. Thanks for coming to speak to the job seekers at the Great Oaks Return to Work Center Thursday.Your time and effort to put together a wonderful, useful, informative, and relevant presentation is GREATLY appreciated.

Carol, your interactive presentation was a HUGE hit. You got people really engaged and involved. You were well prepared to handle any thing that came your way and kept everyone focused on all of the topics that we all wanted to hear. You provided a LOT of useful and relevant information for people in career transition. You were “spot on” and totally understood your audience’s perspective. Huge thanks to you!!

You were the right person for us and we are so glad you were willing to help. You really made this happen for us and I cannot thank you enough.

Your presentation provided good advice for people to prepare filing 2010 returns and to prepare themselves to keep better records for 2011. All of the attendees walked away armed with information to bring more control into their lives in these economic times of uncertainty.

I hope you will accept another invitation to speak after tax time.

Thanks so much for your help.
Dana Brean>

I was so flattered to receive this note and very glad to hear what I shared was helpful.

If you would like to invite me to speak to your Cincinnati-area community group about personal finance, taxes or starting a business, please visit my speaker page and contact me.

Carol Topp, CPA