Clear information on unclear topics from Carol Topp, CPA

I am a Certified Public Accountant making unclear topics, such as taxes and business, clear.

I offer books, ebooks and services to micro business owners, writers, and small nonprofit organizations.

Listen to my podcast, the Dollars and Sense Show for tips and advice about running a homeschool organization.

You may be looking for a CPA that can help you with you start a micro business, understand your tax situation, or run your small nonprofit better. This website has a listing of my books services, articles, links and answers to your questions about working with a CPA.

Many people are hesitant to use a  CPA because they are afraid it will be an impersonal and expensive experience. My practice is very personal. I keep my practice small so that I know each client personally. Because I work from my home office, my costs are low and so are the fees I charge my clients.

This website has information on my books and services:

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