Consultation for Authors or Writers

I charge an hourly rate of $100 for consulting with authors or writers about business plans, choice of business structure, tax consultation or tax review for your writing business.

Nonprofit Consulting and Form Preparation Fees

At this time I am focusing my nonprofit services to work with homeschool organizations and local (Cincinnati) charities with whom I feel an affinity.

If you are not a homeschool organization or a local Cincinnati nonprofit, I encourage you to seek help from a local CPA  firm that specializes in nonprofit organizations.

I charge an hourly rate of $75 for consulting with a nonprofit organization by phone or in person.

Other fees include:

  • 501c3 Application: Form 1023: $750 Form 1023-EZ: $250
  • Annual Tax Information Return for Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Form 990   $600-$750
  • Form 990EZ   $400
  • State Form preparation   $50